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Prepare yourself for a journey of terror and intrigue on the far-flung moon of Bodhisattva 2a. Nirvana on Fire: Expanded Edition, the newest addition to Magnum Galaxy Games Mothership RPG universe is coming!

This 36-page adventure is packed with the sci-fi horror elements players love - there’s out-of-control biotech, Machiavellian scheming, and a revolution bubbling just below the surface. But beware, the danger doesn't stop there. Your crew will also face off against a murderous AI that thinks itself a Buddhist deity while seeking to unravel a DNA-melting mystery that threatens to consume everything in its path.

Nirvana on Fire: Expanded Edition takes everything you love from the original and builds it into a masterpiece of art, design and adventure.  Whether you're a fan of the first edition or just looking for a fresh take on sci-fi horror, this adventure is sure to satisfy.

So gather your prayer beads and get ready to take on the horrors of Nirvana on Fire: Expanded Edition. Will you survive the machinations of the AIs and uncover the truth behind this bubbling cauldron of calamity, mayhem and mystery? Only time will tell.

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Updated 4 days ago
StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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AuthorMagnum Galaxy Games
TagsHorror, mothership, Sci-fi, Tabletop role-playing game

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The preview spreads look sick!


Thank you! So happy to finally get to show them off.