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In a realm of legends and forgotten magic, the Ruined Tower of Drazhu stands testament to its namesake’s fall from grace. A former bastion of hope, the storied tower now languishes in silence, guarded by ancient spells. Whispers of eerie lights and sinister echoes kindle curiosity, drawing foolhardy adventurers to its secrets. What arcane treasures and perils lie concealed behind the tower's shadowed doors? Answers await, veiled in the haunting stillness, ready to challenge all who dare tread the forgotten halls of the Ruined Tower of Drazhu.


A magical curse corrupts the land and its source may be the Lich Drazhu's long-forgotten citadel. Will your party risk dark magic and the servants of the spider god Ungu to solve the mystery waiting at the top of the tower? Will it help to convince them if you mention that there is sure to be a cartload of treasure inside? Play The Ruined Tower of Drazhu to find out! 

The Ruined Tower of Drazhu takes the spirit of classic dungeon modules and distills it down to its essence for maximum fun with minimum prep. The 16 page pdf contains everything you need for a night of adventure including:

  • 5 danger-packed floors of the tower.
  • 3 unique monsters fully stated for Dungeon World.
  • 7 original magic items.
  • And "The Curse of Drazhu" campaign starter for continued adventure.


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