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NAKATOMI SOLUTIONS – Public missive – tag 000213

Rare metal deposit [key type NM-109] detected on Tau Sigma 7. Request ground team for site access and sample retrieval.

Hazard level 2. Geology unstable. Biology unconfirmed.

For enquiries regarding on-site injury or harmful exposure, consult Nakatomi Solutions’ Contractor Handbook, article 7F: Corporate Accountability Waiver.

Before Dying Hard on Hardlight Station, you’ll have to survive The Horror on Tau Sigma 7... 

The Horror on Tau Sigma 7 is a self-contained pamphlet adventure for the sci-fi horror RPG Mothership. A prequel to Dying Hard on Hardlight Station, use it to build suspense for your ongoing adventures or as a one-shot rife with alien mystery and subterranean terror. Inside you’ll find everything you need to dive into horror’s heart including:

  • Fully keyed custom location map with 10 unique locations.
  • Full-colour interior with original art by Vil and professional layout by Eric K. Hill.  
  • A living alien environment that responds to the actions of your PCs. 
  • Unique monsters, strange visions, bio-plastic artifacts, walls coursing with alien “lifeblood” and much more!

Suitable for characters of all levels, test your nerves today in The Horror on Tau Sigma 7.


Writing: DG Chapman (The Haunting on Ypsilon 14, Hideo’s World, Journeylands) 
Layout: Eric K. Hill  (Dying Hard on Hardlight Station, Picket Line Tango,  The Third Sector) 
Art: Vil  (Dissident Whispers, Dying Hard on Hardlight Station, A Fistful of Creeps) 
Editing: D. Kenny (Dying Hard on Hardlight Station and Nirvana on Fire)

CategoryPhysical game
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(7 total ratings)
AuthorMagnum Galaxy Games
TagsAliens, caves, mothership, One-shot, Sci-fi, Tentacles


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I've run the module so many times I finally made a custom sound set for it on Syrinscape. I've marked it to be published as community content. Once that happens anyone with a SuperSyrin subscription can access it for free. It's got custom moods for each location using sounds from their library as well as music from Kevin MacLeod.

If you'd rather not have it up there I can take it private again. Just figured others might find the music and sfx useful for their session

This sounds awesome. How can people access the playlist you created? 

they need a subscription to Syrinscape in order to access it. I'm not sure how many people do but it will be there for those that have one. It was fun to make and use in my game so I'd share. If you want to get a taste I could add you to a game and play some of it for you. 

I don't work for Syrinscape or anything, I just use it a lot and it's easy to make soundsets available for other users. They can also be used in livestreams if you do any of that type of stuff

I signed up for the free trial. Let me know when the soundpack is up and I'll check it out. Thanks!

Hi, so the soundset is up! Steve, the guy that manages community content says they get you some access so you can give it a proper look. I could also demo it for you via Zoom and the Syrinscape App. 

They can also do some promo if you're interested. Do you have a business email I could use to get you in touch with Steve?

l bought TS7 and HLS and can't wait to run them. Has anyone done a home brew map for TS7? I am trying to visualize the caves better...

Awesome, thanks for picking them up! I haven't seen any homebrew maps for TS7. But, if it helps imagine the 3D space my two influences in designing the shape of the caves while working with  DG Chapman were carnivorous pitcher plants and the inverted tower at the Quinta da Regaleira in Sintra, Portugal. 

ok that is very helpful, thanks!

I noticed that this was updated recently.  Does that mean it has been converted to 1e?

Hi there, the updated files aren't out yet (coming soon). However, for TS7 the only change is that the cephalopods now do 2d10 damage instead of 3d10. Let me know if you have any other questions and have fun with the adventure!

Thanks I was looking at getting this and the sequel module you sell.  Out of curiosity, if I buy the module now will I be able to download the 1e version when it is released?

Absolutely, I will be updating the files here when they are available and everyone who has bought them pre-update will have access.

Any chance of a physical release

Yes, I would say there is a good chance. However, in the meantime, the adventure also comes included in the limited edition release of Dying Hard on Hardlight Station. Which will be on sale at the Tuesday Knight Games webstore and Exalted Funeral later this month until they run out. 

Yea! I kickstarter'd it. I'd just like a physical copy too. I think the Dying Hard kickstarter only included the PDF?

First of all, thanks for backing! The adventure is included in the limited edition physical copy of the Dying Hard on Hardlight Station physical zine itself. So you will have it in physical form as part of the bonus for backers. If you'd also like a pamphlet format version then that should be coming to stores in a few month's time. 

Would you look at that... lol, right on page 26. I COMPLETELY overlooked this. Thanks for the gentle reminder =)

Haha, no worries. Enjoy!


Thank you, glad you like it!